Might as well keep going

1 02 2008

Since I vowed to start keeping track of my word stuff, here’s one that I was just doing in my head.

“To pull them” turns into “Be dell fun”

The l stays, says I. And everything else is a CV cluster (consonant, vowel) and there is a bit of repetition here. Without mentioning long or short, the clusters are tu, pu, de. The last one is a d because, according to me, the voiced “th” sound (known as the “eth” in the IPA) is like a d with an h after it. After learning the IPA, it turns out I wasn’t far off in my classification of “hard” and “soft” versions of consonants. Except now they’re called voiced and voiceless. T and d are the same letter, except t is voiceless and d is voiced. Anyway . . .this all serves to explain why the voiced th gets turned into a d for now.

So, we have CV clusters. The l is staying put. I’ve decided to change everything else and make it nothing like it was. Except I’m keeping, as per usual, the short or long vowel properties where they are. So, the t will not only become a p, it will become voiced, so that’s a b. The u will become the other vowel, e, but it will stay long. Be. The p of pull gets changed to t, but voiced — d. The e goes in, but is short, eh, and the l remains. Dell. For them, if I count “th” as being d followed by h, then this has to be p followed by h, which makes the f sound. Take the u, make it short, and change the m to n because if m went with t/d before then n has to go with p/b now–fun. To pull them — Be dell fun.

In this instance I’m clearly basing everything upon placement and voicing. If something was bilabial before (p/b, m), then it becomes alveolar (t/d, n). Technically, the “th” sound is dental, but here it is more closely related to the alveolar t/d sound just because of the spelling. Spelling counts for a lot in my world. Some of it is sound, but spelling also leaks in.




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