Sometimes my girlfriend is really cranky

27 02 2008

I’m downstairs studying. I have just taken a break to eat a really tasty lunch of cream cheese, capers, tomato, and lox on an everything bagel. That has definitely brightened my day. I’m feeling good, getting things done until . . .the girlfriend wakes up and comes into the living room.

She’s cranky like a toddler, hair everywhere, scowling at the fact that she’s no longer asleep. She flounces into the armchair and glances at me like I’m an idiot because I say “Hi, baby.” I hand her the remote so she can watch tv, she looks at it like I’m handing her some dead man’s big toe. She finally gets up and asks if I want food. I say “No thanks, I just had a bagel.” She goes into the kitchen, glares at the light (granted, the fluorescent light is on its way out and the flickering IS seizure-inducing) and then glares into the sink. Now, I’m not taking any shit about the dishes in the sink. I’ve been doing those damn dishes for weeks now and I’ve been busting my ass the last few days with school. So fuck me if the dishes aren’t done. She whacks a pan onto the stove and I cringe at the noise. Now she’s banging other things around the kitchen.

This is my question: do other people feel nervous and on the edge of a fight when another person starts banging things around the kitchen in an angry way? Or should I just realize that she’s usually like this when she’s sleepy and after 8 years just get over it and stop reacting? I’m not reacting, per se, but when she’s like this I just get this sense of . . . foreboding. There’s no other way to describe it.

Whatever, I should be studying for my phonetics test. Although, I’m considering another bagel and lox. That was damn good!




3 responses

7 03 2008

THAT was toooo funny!! 😀 lol

1 04 2010

DUMP HER! you seem to be the perfect guy in a relationship…. y settle for less?

1 04 2010

Hahahahah! For one thing, I’m not a guy. And for another, I’m not dumping her after 10 years because she slams cupboard doors. But thanks for your advice.

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