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19 03 2008

I was reading a comment diversion on Pajiba today about ringtone choices on cell phones. Everyone has a different opinion, ranging from “I’m too serious/hip to do lame shit like worry about ringtones” to “I have a different ringtone for everyone I know; here’s a list!” And of course there’s always the contest between people to have the coolest, most nostalgiac, most obscure band ringtone. Extra points for using something dealing with 80s childhood nostalgia, like having the Fraggles theme song.

This got me thinking about the ringtones I’ve made for my phone (I’m not paying for them, people actually pay for them?). I like using “Ramalama” by Roisin Murphy because I love that song. And sometimes I make specific ringtones for people. The point being, I heard the ringtone that Courtney has set for me on her phone–it’s “Roam” by the B-52s. Which leads to a story.

Years and years ago, before we were dating, even, we were driving in her Jeep somewhere in uptown New Orleans. That song was playing on the stereo. And she almost hit a tree. Or was it a telephone pole? I don’t remember, it was big and brown and dangerous looking and she was speeding. She didn’t hit it, but it was a terrifying moment all the same.

And since then the running joke has been to sit in a corner, rocking, screaming out “Roam! Roam if you want to!” while weeping in a PTSD kind of way. I know, we have a sick sense of humor.

But the fact that she made that her signal to know I was calling is oddly sweet. Again, in a sick kind of way.

And just to complete my day, here’s the video for that song:




5 responses

19 03 2008

Hahahahahaha. I can totally picture that. I love y’all.

19 03 2008

Huh…I got extra points, apparently. I don’t understand paying for ringtones either, especially when there are a million places you can get them free, or just make them yourself.

20 03 2008

PTSD = publicly transmitted sobbing display? Is that video on an upcoming post? Readers, beware the wrath that is Courtney if this were to occur….

I think to even things out you should make your ringtone for C’s calls the B52 song with all the animal sounds, don’t you?

20 03 2008

Yeah, Mom, I used to have “Rock Lobster” as her ringtone (that is the song to which you are referring . . . learn your music already) but it comes out all screechy and scares the living hell out of me AND the cat. So right now it’s The Cliks (a band you don’t know but would like). Your ringtone, incidentally, is “Mother Mother” by Tracy Bonham (a song you know and LOVE). So there.

21 03 2008

I love getting new ringtones! My one regret is that I don’t know many people and therefore cannot dole out as many tones as I wish. I lead a very sad life. But it’s fun! I like to dance when people call me.

Incidently, my Mom’s ringtone is Mother, Mother as well. I thought of it after going through a slew of Mother themed songs. My first thought was Mother by Danzig… but then I remembered what the song was about. NO, NO, NO! Eventually I’ll cycle back to her last theme, Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.

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