Nitwits and donuts

6 04 2008

C and I went driving around tonight.  We occasionally do that, just go driving/exploring in the dead of night with the stereo turned up and smoking too many cigarettes.  We also like to drive too fast, but that’s another story.  At the end of the 1 1/2 hour-long drive that included going over a bridge by the Mansfield Dam and ending up in a town called Lakeway, we decided to hit up the friendly Krispy Kreme drive-through for some treats.

We pull up to the intercom/speaker thing and start perusing the menu.  We wait at that damn box FOREVER.  We see 2 cars ahead of us at the window and figure that maybe they’re short on this shift or something, so we’re patient.  The cars leave, still no one talks to us.  We pull up to the window and this girl kind of tumbles all over herself opening it.

Girl: Um, I couldn’t hear if anyone was back there and it’s my first night here.  (long pause)

C: Okay . . . so can we order some donuts?

Girl: Oh!  Um, yes?

C: Great.  I want a lemon filled . . .

Girl: (cutting C off in mid-sentence) Well we’re out of raspberry.

C: Um, that’s okay because I want lemon.

Girl: Oh okay, I was just telling you.  (starts closing window)

Me: Wait!  We also need a regular glazed, a blueberry, and a glazed chocolate cake.  And a Mocha Dream thing.

Girl: What?  What’s that last thing?

Me: A mocha dream.  It’s a frozen coffee thing.

Girl: Okay, hold on.

We then proceed to watch her flit back and forth between the cash register and the counter where the donuts live, ostensibly to check EVERY time what kind of donut she needs to grab next.  Finally she leans out, hands us a box and a shockingly pink drink in a plastic cup.

C and Me: What’s that?  Why is it pink?

Girl: That’s the color it is.

Me: Why in the world would a mocha be pink?

Girl: Because of the berries, it’s a fruit drink!

Me: Why are there berries in it?  It’s a mocha!

Girl: (blank look)

Me: A mocha is coffee and chocolate.  No berries.  It shouldn’t be pink.  It should be brown and kind of, you know, chocolately looking.

Girl: (looks at me, looks at the cup, looks at me)  So you want me to remake it?

Me: Yeah.

So she takes the drink back.  We see a manager standing behind her doing absolutely nothing.  Courtney opens the box and notices that the chocolate donut is not present, some other weird donut is there instead. Finally the girl comes back with the drink (which is totally tasty, by the way!)

Girl: Okay! Have a good night!

C: Yeah, wait.  This isn’t a chocolate donut.  We wanted a chocolate cake donut.

Girl: Oh.  (reaches through the window, grabs the donut and starts bring it back inside with her)

C: You know that’s a health code violation, right?

Girl: Um, okay!  (walks away, places the donut on a counter, grabs that wax paper grabby-stuff and thrusts a donut out at us)  Here you go.

C: That’s not the right kind either.

Me: It’s a glazed, chocolate, cake donut.

Girl: What does that look like?

Me: Like, a chocolate donut, with glaze on it.  It’s the exact name you have on the menu.

Girl: Oh.  Hold on.  (walks away again, gets a donut and hands it to us)  Is this it?

Me: Yes.  Thanks.  (to C ) Oh my god let’s go.

And so then we made it home.  Finally.  That entire donut thing took at least 15 minutes, I swear.  But I got my damn donut.




One response

21 04 2008

This was a good one; the things that occur in the drive though are just priceless sometimes…. I also enjoyed the “u haul” parking; the artwork and the story had me almost peeing my pants.

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