Well dammit

16 04 2008

Courtney and I talked back and forth, crunched all the numbers, and finally decided that we wanted to move into the awesome house.  I was so excited.  SO EXCITED!   So I jumped up and emailed the homeowner.  He wrote back and said that someone had just made an offer to buy it that he couldn’t refuse.  This sucks.  I wanted that house so bad, you don’t even know.  Maybe you do.  Maybe you’re one of the people I talked to endlessly about it.  I’m so disappointed I think I might cry.  And I don’t have time to cry, since I’m trying to write this damn paper that’s giving me so much trouble and the first draft is due tomorrow and DAMN IT I WANTED THAT HOUSE.




One response

16 04 2008

well, it’s not the house for you two or it would’ve worked out…you asked him if he was going to sell in the near future and he said no and now you know what kind of person he is

at least y’all didn’t move in and then get booted out when he then decided to sell for the big bucks

good experience, keep on looking! Try to be an owner, not a renter, then you can have more choice

hang in there!

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