19 04 2008

For those of you that don’t already know, there are TONS of bats here.  The largest urban bat colony is what I’ve heard.  But since I moved here, I haven’t seen them.  Never made it down to the bridge to see them at sunset.  But tonight!!  C and I went to the movies and when we were standing outside the theatre there they were!  Some bats!  It was awesome.

And then this girl walked out of the theatre and began walking toward a car.  She stopped dead in her tracks, looked up, and then ran back toward us.

Girl: Are those bats?!?!

C: Yup!

Girl:  Oh my god I can’t walk to my car!  (looks at the car she was walking to.  The guy in the driver’s seat is staring at her like she’s insane).  Make him drive over here!

Me: Who, us?

Girl:  (yelling at the car) Drive over here!  (to me) I’m so scared of bats.

Me: Really?  I didn’t notice.

Girl:  In my hometown a girl got sliced across the stomach by a passing bat.

Me: (trying not to laugh)  Wow.

The guy finally drives over to where the girl is and she runs to the car and leaps in.  I look over and she is frantically talking.  The guy?  He’s laughing so hard that his head is resting on the steering wheel.  Whatever, I thought the bats were cool.




3 responses

19 04 2008

Did you see any wearing bow ties? beware of the bow tie wearing bats? they are vampires!!!! 👿

19 04 2008

I thought you were going to tell us the guy honked his horn, he hit his head on the steering wheel so hard, a la you know who!!

21 04 2008

Well, she’s full of shit. I’m so excited (and jealous) that you saw bats. Aren’t they awesome! I just love them. They’re my favorite animal!

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