I think my hearing is messed up

19 04 2008

But at least it’s funny.  Met G for coffee on Tuesday evening.  She was telling me about her recent trip to W. Virginia.

G: Do you know how horrible it is to be high and get chased by guineas?

S: I can imagine.  How high do you have to be to get chased by a yeti?

G: What?

S: What?  You said you were chased by a yeti!

G: Guineas!  Like the birds!

S: Ohhhh, not like (raises arms and makes grrrr noises).  No yeti.  Got it.

This made us laugh for way longer than was necessary but we are both generally stressed out and insane.  We spent the better part of the evening exchanging creepy customer stories which, naturally, require demonstrations.  As we were leaving, the baristas call out to us “Have a good night ladies.  Enjoy yourselves!”  Once we get outside:

G: I think they think we’re dating.

S: It was all our creepy customer demonstrations.  They probably think we can’t keep our hands off each other!

Which caused more giggles and a kind of collapsing hug goodbye.  I love you, G!




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22 04 2008
scared of guineas

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