Speaking of 8 1/2 years . . .

21 04 2008

That means it has been almost 9 years. On September 1, it will have been 9 years. Which means we will both be 30 for our 10-year anniversary and that means that we will have spent 1/3 of our lives together. Whaaaaaat??!?!

That is crazy! I cannot, at all, in any kind of way believe that we have been together that long. Neither can anyone else. Really, ask anyone who knew us back then. It started out so oddly and there were so many things wrong with us, both of us, and we fought all the time. I mean, we still fight all the time but now it’s about domestic stuff. It’s almost cute. We used to FIGHT fight and have really big problems. Yelling, slamming of doors, breaking of things . . . insane massive fights that I would like to apologize to all of our old roommates for. In fact, I don’t think we’ve fought like that for a while. And we haven’t even had a big fight in months now. Perhaps we have mellowed and both gotten easier to live with.

. . . .

I’m sorry, I can’t say that with a straight face. It’s such bullshit.

The real reason is probably that she’s always at work and I’m either in class or on the computer writing a paper and in one week I might get a total of 3 hours face time with her. There’s no time to discuss rent and groceries, let alone fight.




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