When the non-plans go awry

26 04 2008

C and I were invited to the city-wide garage sale today. I declined . . . nah, we’re gonna be lazy today and just stay in. But I didn’t realize how exceedingly boring that would turn out to be. C keeps running upstairs to play Diablo and I’m trolling people’s blogs in an effort to stay entertained. I should be working, really, but I can’t muster the drive.

Plus, I am PMS-y as all get out. I’m overreacting to the smallest, stupidest things ever. C and I were making breakfast together and when I said that the eggs had a few more minutes to go (we were boiling them) she asked if I was sure. I got all huffy and asked “What . . . you think I don’t know how to boil an egg?” She just stared at me and I apologized. I’ve already emailed something like an apology today and then I had to give one this morning to C and now I’m over my quota for at least 3 months.

So we’re both bored but unwilling to do anything about it. There aren’t any movies out that I wanna see and I looked all through the entertainment of the Chronicle and UGH I can’t watch another hour of “Top 80s videos” on VH1. This is the lamest Saturday ever.




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