Hormonal depression

27 04 2008

Yeah, I’m depressed.  And it’s probably due to PMS because just 2 days ago I was perfectly fine and happy and now?  Now I think everyone hates me just because I haven’t gotten any emails or calls since Friday.  Which of course does not mean that everyone hates me, it’s the just the conclusion that my hormone-addled self came to while sleeping last night.

I braved the parking lot of Titaya’s last night, (site of the famous U-haul incident) in order to pick up some dinner for us.  It was amazing, as usual.  C gave me a funny look when I was putting in our order because I requested 2 Thai iced teas.  I got off the phone and she said “You know I don’t drink that crap.”  I said, “Of course!  One is for me on the ride home.  And the other one is for dinner.”  I’m not stupid, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to wait to drink the brilliant yummy that is thai tea.  And I also knew that I would be all disappointed by the time I got home.  And that if I made an effort to not drink the tea on the way home, that effort wouldn’t work.  And in my current state of mind, I just don’t need that sense of failure.  So . . . 2 teas, please.  As much as I love thai tea, I would have ordered 3. But there are only 2 cup-holders in my car, so there you go.




2 responses

27 04 2008

you are SO hormonal, you freak! we talked 2 hrs fri nite, that’s my quota for 2 weeks or more, in fact I may have been making some stuff up to talk that long, I don’t remember…

anyway, everybody loves you, get over yourself, reach out, the way to have a friend is to be one (stop me when you’ve had enough)

love you, Mom

28 04 2008

It was not 2 hours and you didn’t have to make anything up, you just had to insert several false starts into a story. So there.

And yes, that’s definitely enough on that last bit. 😛

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