This is profoundly disturbing

28 04 2008

Reality tv is just getting to be too much.  Yeah, I watch one show without fail. So You Think You Can Dance.  And anyone who knows about my obsession with dance movies isn’t surprised by this AT ALL.  If I can happily sit through stuff like Center Stage, Fame, or Breakin’ (1 and 2), then of COURSE I want to watch a dance show.  But then, I saw an ad for this show. CelebraCadabra, and my head imploded.

Now, it’s personal.  I am personally offended.  You already know about my magical upbringing, right?  And now here is this show, this giant piece of fecal matter with the audacity to bill itself as entertainment, and it is infringing upon everything I hold dear about my childhood.  PLUS, they’re probably giving secrets away, which I KNOW is going to piss my daddy off.  AND, it wrangles these weird, has-been celebrities and operates under the assumption that ANYONE can do magic, as long as they practice for 1/10 of the time that professionals do and have cameras on them and confessional booths.  ARGH!!!  This is so irritating!!!  To console myself, I’m going to go watch some dancers as they turn ballet on its head, by wearing red (gasp!) ballet shoes and doing an impossible number of pirouettes and . . . yeah.




2 responses

28 04 2008

I love the fact that a one-act ballet had time for a complicated hairstyle and all those complete costume changes.

28 04 2008

yeah i saw the commercial for that the other night. It looked stupid, and i wouldnt watch it.

I think things hit an all time low when they had the til tequila show. she is supposed to be some sort of myspace celebrity, and then she gets this show where she has to choose between dating a man or woman. then they made this big spectacul (sp?) of her being “bi”, & it was just too much. now there’s a season 2.

i think with a subject like coming out with bi/homosexuality, it should definately not being something to be on tv. that’s like exploiting it or something.

plus the re-runs come on so early in the day on the weekends when the kids are home. i wouldn’t want no child of mine stumbling upon a show about bi/homosexuality without me having to already explain/talk about it.

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