Wrong number?

30 04 2008

So I’m sitting here, studying. My cell phone rings. The number says Texas but it doesn’t look familiar. I figure that it’s C calling from work for some reason.

Me: Hello?
Guy: Hi, do you happen to have a dentist’s chair?
Me: Um, what? A dentist’s chair?
Guy: Yeah, do you happen to have one?
Me: What?!? Why would I have a dentist’s chair? Who is this?
Guy: Sorry, I must have the wrong number.

Now, this is weird enough. But I still have a Louisiana number. So why is someone from the city I’m living in now calling a Slidell, LA number for this kind of thing? At 10:30 at night? WEIRD.

And THEN I reversed the number that called on switchboard.com and GUESS WHAT?  The number came back to the guy that we were trying to rent the house from.  WHAT THE HELL ALTERNATE UNIVERSE AM I LIVING IN?  And why does a guy who recently moved to San Francisco (I thought) need a dentist’s chair?!?!?




2 responses

1 05 2008

why don’t you have a dentist chair? it would go really well next to that electric one in your basement…. because we have basements in Tejas.

1 05 2008

maybe he’s joined the community theater & they’re putting on Little Shop of Horrors?

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