I need suggestions

1 05 2008

I had an idea while commenting on Pajiba . . . I need suggestions for post-final/decompression movies.  These are the rules thus far:

1) They have to be kind of easy, because our little brains are taxed and oozing from our ears.

2) BUT they have to have some element of cleverness and wit. Otherwise, how can we feel superior about being in school? This goes double for grad students–we like feeling superior but projecting that much douche-baggery on a daily basis is exhausting.

3) Funny is good, funny is great.  Laughing can clear up all kinds of post-final ailments.

4) Any movie which can be adapted to a drinking game gets bonus points.





One response

2 05 2008

-Dead Alive
-American Physco
-Dead Like Me marathon

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