School sucks, and I’m leaving town

6 05 2008

One of my grades has been posted and I’m so upset about it I might throw up. Yes, it really is that bad. And I can talk all I want about how horrible the class was (really, it was) and blah blah blah but the point is that I dropped the ball and now I’m really pissed off at myself. Really.

Other than THAT, I wrote what I consider to be a fairly decent sociolinguistics paper in 14 hours on Sunday and drove to campus yesterday to drop it off. Now I only have one paper left, due Monday. But that one is already written and just needs some revision (new constraints, new rankings, stuff like that). Oddly enough, I’m enjoying writing THIS paper. Because I’m a dork and it turns out I like Optimality Theory. Granted, it doesn’t have the most practical application in the world, but it’s fun to mess around with, kind of like a puzzle.

In other, happier news, I will be returning to the great state that is Louisiana next week for some much needed relaxation and social time. And food. God, yes, the food. First up is a trip for brunch at Court of Two Sisters. Because I need to start with a BUFFET of Louisiana food, dammit. And I’ve been told that the crawfish season was late this year and that by the time I get to town there will still be good ones left at a decent price. Which means we will be having a crawfish boil on Saturday. And I will be contributing (aside from my own glorious presence) . . . my potato salad. That’s right. Heather was informed of this and I think I actually sensed her giddiness through the phone today. She promised to bring the oatmeal/blueberry cookies that she brought when she visited us in January. And to that I say, hell yeah! Cookies!

It occurs to me that I should inform my parents of the fact that I want to have a crawfish boil.  So here goes:  Moooooooommmm!   Can I have a crawfish boil on the Saturday that I’m in town?  And can Heather and Casey bring their dogs to play with Lucy?

Ok, that’s taken care of.  I could call her but she’ll read this blog before I can get her on the phone.  Besides, it’s late and we are fully, deeply into C-time and at this point NOTHING productive can happen.




2 responses

7 05 2008

yeah, crawfish/shrimp boil it is, we’ll start early Sat cos your dad has to work Sat nite. B- said she’ll make the b’day cake and the pool is ready for swimming (maybe warm enough for her kids, if not for me!)

talk to you later, sorry about the sucky grade


7 05 2008

Sorry about the bad grade. 😦 Call when you pass through town, either coming or going, and we can get together for yummy food.

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