Staging a poo coup

8 05 2008

A manager from another one of C’s stores had the weirdest incident the other day.  Three times in six hours, he had to clean human feces from in front of the toilet.  Off the floor.  And then it happened again the next morning.  Now, I have trouble believing that there are that many crazy customers in a store on any given day or that just one crazy customer hung around for six hours and then came back the next morning.  This is an inside job, and it’s organized.  Because I also find it hard to believe that one person could pull it off without some kind of medical condition.  There’s a revolution afoot and, unfortunately, this is just the beginning battle cry.   My question is, how disgruntled do you have to be to plan this kind of thing?  I mean really . . . it’s got to be pretty bad if you’re willing to stoop (or crouch) that low.  I wish I could have made this one up, I honestly do.




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8 05 2008
Ed Reese

I have had to clean it off the walls every day for a month. Untill I found the bum responcible for doing it.

9 05 2008

A lot of my friends that have had retail jobs say that this happens ALL the time! Not just in bathrooms – in dressing rooms! People are icky.

9 05 2008

Some prople are just nasty. I had that happen one time at work and I knew exactly who did it by a process of elimination. I think she just completly missed the toilet and it was everywhere. She also gave herself away by leaving abruptly and never to return! After that we made sure we had a lock on our bathroom door at work for the employees only…

9 05 2008

“Process of elimination”

Bad pun, but do I care? Not a bit.

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