And I’m done!!

9 05 2008

I just submitted my last paper of the semester to my professor and I’m VERY happy and tired.  M gave me a good reward, she said that if I was done by tomorrow we could go out drinking.  Well, that worked!  I flounced my butt into the office upstairs and worked on this damn thing and now it’s done.  Apparently all I  need is to hear that a mango margarita is in my future and I can accomplish anything.

Now I have no excuses left for not cleaning the kitchen.  Damn.  That’s a shame because it’s pretty gross.  Between C leaving her cereal to clump into gross bits and the left side of the sink still being filled with water from the last time SHE did dishes (I do not leave water to stagnate and turn unholy) . . . well, I don’t wanna mess with that kitchen.  Oh well.  C’s birthday is on Tuesday and even though I’m already getting her a present (Sirius radio for her car) I guess it can’t hurt to clean the kitchen along with it.




One response

10 05 2008

yeah, you do that. clean the kitchen i mean…except for that cereal bowl. argh! maybe c will get a jackhammer for her b-day and then she can clean that bowl. i’m just sayin’.

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