Inspiration or infection?

9 05 2008

It’s your call . . . my father has started a new blog (yay!) which means you might get even better recipes than I’m currently providing.  I’m telling you, he has a tortilla soup that will make you believe in Heaven.  If Heaven is covered in cream and spices with peppers and stuff.  I’m inclined to believe that parts of it may be.  The other bits are made of chocolate and hot buttered popcorn, a fact I convinced C of way back when during the land of “Hey, maybe we should date or something.”  And that is why, to this day, she thinks I’m brilliant.

I’m getting off topic.  I’ve inspired my father to start a new blog.  Or maybe he inspired me to start my blog (weird childhood and cooking, yall–it’ll get you every time) and that in turn inspired him . . . Oh I don’t know.  Or maybe it’s a genetic condition to spout off about your own life and stuff, and rant about the weird stuff in your own head.  In which case I got that from BOTH parents, most definitely.  Regardless!  Check out my dad.




3 responses

9 05 2008

oh lordy, another blog I’ll need to check in semi-daily to make sure I stay in the loop!

maybe I can find out what’s he’s cooking for dinner before I get home, yummy!!

9 05 2008

This is too weird! I just posted a recipe for chicken tortilla soup, then went to your blog and you said something about my recipe for, are you ready, chicken tortilla soup! Are you psycho or what? If you are going to read my mind, I will just kick back and listen to Stravinsky and let you write what I want to say! Great minds think alike; I truly don’t know what is going on with us.


10 05 2008

bloody awesome! now there’s yet another take on C-time! whoohoo! : )

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