I can’t hardly move

16 05 2008

Today we woke up and headed out to brunch at The Court of Two Sisters on Royal (that’s in the French Quarter for you non-natives).  Well hot damn, that was fantastic.  I had eggs benedict, duck l’orange, grits and grillades, jambalaya, cajun pasta salad, chickory coffee, mimosas, bread pudding, and bananas foster.  And I’m sure there was some other stuff but I don’t remember it all.  And I’m glad we parked so close because I was stuffed and slightly buzzed from the mimosas. 

So then we came home.  I wanted a nap, but I had to go out and get a brake tag.  So I did that and then ran by my old job to say hello.  It was so nice seeing everybody, especially VJ, who was always my favorite person there.  The only problem is that one of my old bosses loves to talk, so an hour later I realized that it was, you know, an hour later and that C was still sitting in the car.  When I got down to her, she was asleep in the passenger seat.  Oh well, at least she got a nap. 

Now I’m getting ready for B and her family to come over for dinner.  I can smell my Daddy’s roast beef from the kitchen and my god, it is nice being home. 




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