I miss them

21 05 2008

A– mentioned this to me last night, and I saw it as I was browsing GraphJam today. It’s just so goooooooood. I must go listen to this cd now.

song chart memes
more song chart memes




4 responses

21 05 2008

Effing HILARIOUS. I am browsing through the music category and laughing my ass off.

21 05 2008

graphjam[itall]…is that the newest flavor?

21 05 2008

God, Mom. You’re such a smartass sometimes. 🙂 Thanks for passing that genetic condition on down!!

21 05 2008

This just in…watch Hell’s Kitchen season[ing] finale tomorrow night, with special guests Salt ‘n Pepa.

(just more of the witty repartee’ emanating from our living room, a combined effort)

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