I went a little crazy

22 05 2008

As I mentioned, I went shopping at Central Market yesterday. That is just so dangerous. I went there originally to see if they had seafood stock for sale, since I was silly and didn’t boil the crawfish heads while I was in Louisiana and make my own stock. You see, I’m making crawfish and corn bisque tonight, and it calls for seafood stock. I asked my Dad what to do instead of seafood stock and he said use weak chicken stock, but doesn’t that seem counterintuitive? I mean, yes, I could do it if I had to, but I figured I’d go see if I could find some seafood stock first.

Well, I found it. Along with the happy goodness of their produce section. I love me some good, fresh produce. And they force you to walk all along it just to get to the other parts of the store. So I bought some haricot verts for tonight, along with Bing cherries, nectarines, and green apples. Check out my fruit bowls:

I also bought some lox, bagels, cream cheese, organic cherry tomatoes, paté, super crusty French bread, and some other good stuff. And so today I woke up, made an everything bagel with cream cheese, capers, tomato, and lox and a mini fruit salad with nectarine and cherry. And it was fantastic. Everyone should be jealous of me and my awesome breakfast. I might go eat some more cherries now. Or go eat some green apple slices with sharp cheddar cheese. Or do anything to avoid cleaning, which I MUST do because people are coming over tonight and I don’t want them to run away screaming.




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