Evidence that I’m spoiled

27 05 2008

Yesterday was great.  C had off work, so we did birthday stuff for me.  Went to see a movie, met M for some food.  And I got presents!  A gift card to Sephora (she knows I love me some makeup) and a really nice French press.  Observe the awesomeness—I have been drinking coffee all morning:

And then!  There’s a knock on the door, and a man is standing there.  He hands me this:

Which is completely delicious.  I can’t believe it: a bouquet of chocolate-dipped, HUGE strawberries, some covered with pecans and fresh coconut.

I’ve already eaten a couple.  They’re fantastic.  I can’t believe C did that.

And tonight, G and K are having a bday party for me.  K is cooking (which in itself is completely awesome because everything he cooks puts me into a very happy food coma), and it is a murder mystery dinner thing.  I don’t completely know what that means but I’m very excited!

I told you I was way spoiled.  And I haven’t even mentioned what my parents gave me.




One response

27 05 2008

You ARE spoiled! Lucky birthday girl – have a wonderful evening allowing friends to pay homage to your perfection.

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