Part deux: Wherein Sharon is further spoiled

27 05 2008

And this round was courtesy of G and K.  Now, I knew that anything cooked by K would be great.  But what I got was unexpected.  It was like a whirlwind of Sharon-tailored favorites.

Mini Beef Wellingtons with bernaise sauce.  A dish I had at their house in March and haven’t since stopped talking about.
Mini quiche.  I love these and they are also good dipped in bernaise sauce.
BLTs with the evil, sinful, delicious bacon that has been caramelized in brown sugar.  Oh my god.
Bananas sautéed in cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg, and some other stuff.  Served with vanilla ice cream and peach syrup.

Also!  I had VERY offhandedly mentioned over 3 days ago that I should buy some of the little popsicle molds to put apple or orange juice in.  I loved these as a kid and always mean to get some.  They gave me the molds!  And a jar of peach jalepeno jelly.  And chocolate!

And M trekked up to NW Austin for the party and I love hanging out with her.  And for once, C was available and she came to the party as well.  We played out our murder mystery and it was great fun and both C and I guessed the murderer (my character did it, with a corkscrew to the neck, ewwww, and it was a case of mistaken identity.  He meant to kill his wife and he killed her nearly identical sister instead.)

Great fun!  One of the best parties ever and the fact that it occurred on my actual birthday was even cooler.  Great food, amazing friends the lot of them, and . . . wow.  Turning 29 doesn’t suck at all now.  Thanks everyone!!!




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