Why blogging is useful

30 05 2008

So I’m sitting around my apartment this evening, wishing I could go out and do something, but there’s no one to do it with.  Friends have plans, another won’t call me back.  And I start to think “Everyone hates me, it figures, and I totally suck.  Also, I am unlovable.”

And then, as boredom catches up with me and I read my older posts on here, I see that I wrote the same thing.  About 29 days ago.  Which means that I’m perfectly fine and no one hates me!!  I’m just in the mad grip of hormones!  Yay!  I think.

Okay, so it’s not actually cause for celebration.  This just means that in 2-3 days I will wish I was dead.  Last month, or was it the month before, I called a friend and begged her to come over with an exacto knife, a leather strap, and a bottle of bourbon.  I was requesting an emergency hysterectomy.  The bourbon was going to be doubly beneficial as an antibacterial and a pain-killer.  She refused, the heartless bitch!

See, I told you they all hate me.




One response

31 05 2008

See, since our cycles are in synch (which is hilarious! it’s like we live in a dorm or a nunnery together!), I feel your pain acutely. Remember how recently I was like, “If I start saying that I’m clinically depressed and should be on medication next week, remind me of this conversation and point to a calendar?” We should do this for each other. But, as a reminder (as much for my PMSy self as to yours): it is hormones, baby, hormones. Everyone loves you. You are good enough, smart enough, and goddamnit, people like you! So watch a sad romantic movie (as I did last night) and sob it out as you ride the estrogen wave… 🙂

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