Haven’t seen this in years

4 06 2008

Do you remember when MTV had interesting things on? Like The State and Liquid Television. And music? Weird, I know. Anyway, I LOVED watching Liquid Television, especially this one piece. And I quite literally haven’t seen this in years and years. C and I always quote the freakout near the end to each other. And when she comes home and I show her this video, she is going to smile for hours.




2 responses

4 06 2008

OMG. I hadn’t seen that for, what, fifteen years? WOW. Off to look up videos of Dog Boy and that angry daisy…

4 06 2008

They’re both up, Dog Boy and Crazy Daisy Ed. I was kept quite busy and happy this afternoon looking up old Liquid Television stuff. And then I found skits from The State. Hell yeah.

My name’s Doug, and I’m outta . . . heeeerrreee.

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