Back once again

26 06 2008

C came home from work today and told me that her grandma died this morning.  We’re leaving tomorrow for Louisiana so she can attend the services.  I am only going for support, driving help, and so she won’t feel weird staying at my parents’ house without me.  I am certainly not attending the funeral because it seems mean to stress C’s parents out any further than they already are.  I may not like them, but they don’t deserve that.

We’re leaving tomorrow, but she couldn’t get the whole day off.  Which means she’ll be working the opening shift, coming home, and then we’ll leave.  Which should put us in Slidell between 1 and 2 a.m.  Yippee.  And I’ll be around on Saturday, so if anyone wants to come see my car-less self, holler.  We’re taking off and coming home again on Sunday.




One response

10 07 2008
Mr. Tom Peeping

I like pudding.

and sometimes jello.

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