Me and my injuries

26 06 2008

I’ve had some great ones. And never from doing anything cool like skateboarding or hang gliding or anything like that. No. I hurt myself just walking around and doing lame things.

When I was 19 I sprained both ankles at once. You heard me.

I had gone with my mother to her office one night, though now I don’t remember why. Were we stealing things? Rummaging for post-its? Who knows. Anyway, as I was walking out back to the car there was a HUGE step down that I didn’t see because it was so poorly lit. Well, I stepped and then promptly sprained both my ankles, falling and also kind of cracking my head on a brick wall. My mother ran back inside to call my father. By the time she came back out, I was laughing hysterically. She thought I had some kind of head injury or had become hysterical but really? I figured out what I looked like, sitting flat on my ass with both feet dangling in the air in front of me. And I thought that was pretty damn funny.

So my dad showed up, loaded me in the back of the minivan, and drove me to the hospital. Where the triage nurse promptly pissed me off. While asking about my prior history, she said “And do you have any prior instances of heart problems, dizziness, clumsiness?” And she laughed a whole lot at her stupid joke. I hated her at that moment, and complained vehemently to my mother and told her to find a way to chastise her thoroughly (Mom worked for that hospital at the time).

Anyway, a very nice nurse named Dusty gave me a shot in the hip that dulled the pain. I went home and slept. The next day, I was given crawfish alfredo and roasted green beans for lunch (that I had cooked the prior night) and people came to visit me and bring me books.

We borrowed a wheelchair since, you know, I couldn’t walk, but that was pointless in a house without wide doorways and full of carpeted floors. So I borrowed my dad’s kneepads from when he did construction and crawled around for a couple weeks. Fun!!




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26 06 2008
GiGi Smashy Smashy

more cat pictures

26 06 2008

bwahahaha! oh, sorry, hahaha. i thought i was the only one who had ever sprained both ankles at once.

i think i can ‘one-up’ you here. i was carrying a baby.

yep, i win. 🙂

emmy was just months old, and i was walking down a dark staircase at church during a rehearsal. i thought i was at the end, but because there was no light at the bottom, i could not see the last step. no, i did not drop her. i tried to land on my bum as quickly as possible and call for my friend who was around the corner. jay and a fellow band member had to “carry” me to the car. i did my share of crawling for the next week or so…on hardwood floors. i think next time i’ll just request a catheter. 🙂

26 06 2008

Only one ankle, but I slipped on pine straw and tore the ligaments.

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