Back to the weekend

2 07 2008

So the trip to Louisiana was good, but we didn’t leave until almost 5 Friday afternoon.  No matter—the trip was easy and all went well.

C attended the services for her grandmother the next day while I lazed around my parents’ house and tried to keep my wits about me.  It’s always weird, but especially once you move, to realize you don’t live somewhere anymore.  That, and every time I visit my parents I get very jealous of their high ceilings.  Coming home to my apartment feels like entering a cave after that.

Saturday night I took my parents to dinner at Croakers where we met Heather and Casey.  The food was great and the service was terrible.  My mother had muttered something as we were walking in once she spied the waiter, but it became a joke as the meal went on.  He really was bad.

Sunday, C went back out to New Orleans to meet up with her family and Heather and Casey came over to my parents’ house for burgers and swimming.  Chris and Reva and Zia ended up stopping by as well on their way to Covington to see C’s parents some more.

Now this is what made me laugh harder than anything.  As Chris and Reva were getting ready to go, they mentioned that they weren’t going to tell C’s parents where they had been all afternoon (they hate me, you see).  And I started giggling before telling them, “Just say that you’ve gone to a house where there was swimming, hamburgers on the grill, homemade ice cream, and a magic show.  Nothing is more wholesome than that!  It just happens to be hosted by the parents of C’s evil girlfriend!”

Also, I think Reva is completely in love with my mother and wants to adopt her.  Upon arriving, Mom walks up and gives Reva a big hug.  Of course, that is followed by much cooing over Zia, who is now 17 months old and more precious than anything.  I think Heather and I started spontaneously ovulating at the sight of the cute baby.  Reva is commenting on how sad she is that she didn’t pack suits for any of them.  Mom, in typical Mom fashion, says “We have swimmy diapers!  Do you want me to take her swimming?”  Now, there is no real reason for my parents to have a cache of swimmy diapers, but they do.  Of course, they come in handy for the people they know with children, but it must have seemed REALLY weird to Reva.  Who is, of course, delighted.  And then Reva asks my mother about a small rash on Zia’s back.  Mom, who is holding Zia at this point, flips her over mid air, raises her shirt and says “Pffft.  That’s nothing.  Besides, the chlorine will kill it!”  And then she marches off with Zia.   At this point, Reva seems happy happy to have met a mother like mine.

The entire day and evening was very pleasant.  It was great to see Chris and Reva and my gorgeous niece.  I love spending time with Heather and Casey.  And of course, I love seeing my parents.  It almost made the late trip home worth it.   Almost.

The thing is, we didn’t get on the road until 7 p.m.   Which put us home at around 3:30 a.m.  I had taken over driving halfway home around Beaumont, but somewhere past Houston had to pull over and wake C up to start driving again.  I don’t know if it was the late hour, exhaustion, or the migraine, but my vision was blurry and I felt like crap.  Every “reduced speed ahead” sign mocked us, as did every sign telling us how far away from Austin we still were.  Driving along 290 is a god-awful experience and more boring than watching paint dry.  But we made it home and promptly fell asleep in time for C to go to work a few hours later.




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3 07 2008

Sounds lovely. The swimming part not the driving with a migraine part. I too get migraines and oy! So where is this mother with swimmy diapers and a pool in Slidell EXACTLY?

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