8 07 2008

After a long conversation with A, I decided to write this. It’s not dedicated to or inspired by anyone in particular. Just a general comment on how I’m feeling tonight.

The answer is waiting.
It’s sitting, pregnant,
heavy with the realization
that you fear most.

Inside this book, page one
line one.

I’ve opened it for you,
held it aloft and in your face.
But you clench your eyes;
When I scream,
you plug your ears.
Your valiant efforts at remaining
deaf and blind have made you dumb.

But now is the time to speak.
Open the damn cover.
Unleash the word.
Unglue your stubborn tongue
before the truth moves on with me.

This is my book.
And you’re too scared to read it.




6 responses

8 07 2008

this was a very powerful and emotional response. My only suggestion would be to put a semicolon after “eyes” in the line “But you clench your eyes.”
I liked this very much though, good job.

8 07 2008

Thank you for the comment and the suggestion. It’s a good one. This was quite literally written and smacked up here within 10 minutes. It will undergo multiple revisions over the next month. They always do.

8 07 2008

Very intriguing…at first I thought it was directed to one person, but I couldn’t reconcile the last two paragraphs with the first half of the poem.

“But now is the time to speak”

Speaking didn’t seem to jive with reading a book. But when I read the last half of the poem from a different angle I can see YOU as the one you’re addressing all along.


9 07 2008

Oh, who knows anymore. I sure as hell don’t. And by the light of a new day I already see a thousand revisions. Why post it, then, in an early stage? Because it’s my blog and I can do what I want! 🙂

9 07 2008

Then I think it’s a conciousness-kind of poem, where you just write dreamily, and that can be a great thing cos unbidden things emerge, things that can teach you about yourself.

Don’t tinker with it any more! Archive, then go back and savor when needed. Drat this instant editing feature, maybe you should write with pen and ink!!!

(or colored pencils)

love you!

12 07 2008

Lovely. So raw and powerful.

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