13 07 2008

Random utterances from a party last night:

  • That was horrible. A mime could have told that joke better.
  • (Regarding M being ensconced in couch pillows) The invading teddy bear army won’t stand a chance!
  • Did you see that? I just turned really sexy. You could light a cigarette on me!
  • My last roommate was a total Hufflepuff. But the one before that was a Ravenclaw.
  • Oh my god, the dog farted.
  • And what does the couch think of this?
  • (One guy to another). Dude, this feels like high school. Except there are girls here.
  • Hey!! I’m so freakin’ entertaining!
  • Balloon. Balloooooooooon, balloon. You’re a balloon. Baaa–lll–ooooo–nnnnn.
  • Is this the judgment corner?
  • Is that the order of stuff for tequila shots? No wonder, man. I’ve been doing it all wrong.
  • Do you feel naked when you’re taking a shower? I mean, not naked . . . embarassed?
  • What up, Voldemort?



3 responses

14 07 2008

I can’t believe I didn’t take a single picture. Also, still cracking up about, “So you take the shot, then pour salt onto a lemon? Or something? I don’t EVEN know.”

14 07 2008


14 07 2008
the monster in your pants

I can’t believe I didn’t take any photos either. Oh wells.

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