Sunday morning

13 07 2008

Last night as I was leaving the party, I asked M if she wanted to come crash on my couch instead of driving all the way home (I live roughly 2 minutes from where the party was).  She said yes and I drove her back to her car this morning.  As we’re walking to the car, my phone rings.

C: Where are you goinnnggg?
Me: I’m driving M back to her car.  I’ll be right back.
C: What?
Me: M crashed at our place.  Be right back.
C: You’re coming back?
Me: Yes
C: Really?
Me: Oh my god, go back to sleep.

I get home and C starts yelling for me to come upstairs.  I do, once I take out my earrings (I’ll tell that story another day, I promise).

C: Did you sleep in here?
Me: No, I slept in the guest room.  I was a little drunk.
C: I stayed up waiting for you!
Me: Well that was silly, I was at a party.
C: But I did.  And you didn’t come home and I fell asleep and I didn’t get to see you.
Me: You knew I was at a party, why would you expect me home before you went to bed?
C: Because.  And then I woke up and you weren’t in the bed.  (she starts pouting)
Me: Quit trying to make me feel guilty!  I know it’s Sunday morning and all, but we’re not in church!!

At this point the cat jumps onto the bed and almost lands on C’s head, which led to much screaming by her and giggling by me.

Wonderful party last night.  Thanks, G and K.  Your friends are funny!




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