14 07 2008

What is my favorite story about my parents? My mother’s constant irritation at my father’s ability to just go to sleep. I don’t like it either. It’s not fair. He just kind of decides that “Okay, it’s time to sleep now” and so he does.

One night, he was able to do this after a fight. Mom, like me, can’t sleep after a fight. So his sleeping was especially annoying. Apparently, Mom sat in the living room with a pair of scissors and meticulously shredded an entire spool of magic rope all over the floor. She felt much better after that and went to bed. Dad woke up during the night, went into the living room, and saw the shredded mess. He did not, however, see the scissors. And then wondered if she was keeping them under her pillow and wasn’t able to go back to sleep. Now that is sneaky. I have so much work to do before I reach that level.

Revision: She didn’t shred an entire spool.  Just a little bit of it.  As she is telling me RIGHT NOW on the phone because she doesn’t want to seem crazy.  Like this is going to help.




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14 07 2008

mmmhmmm…i’m thinking the amount shredded is entirely irrelevant. just sayin’.

14 07 2008

So, your dad was a professional magician? How cool? My hubs was once a professional clown and can do a few tricks. And balloon animals. Weird.

14 07 2008

Okay, I wasn’t going to dignify this with a comment, in fact, I told daughter she ought to stick with the “I had such a deprived and/or strange and/or physically endangered childhood” stories and omit the ole lady tales. But nooo, apparently she hasn’t lived long enough or she’s just macabre or…drum roll…she’s poking at me long distance…Hey, that means she misses me!

Anyway, y’all deserve the truth. Hubby had ticked me off royally, then he tromped off to sleep rather than Dis-Cuss. So I finally sat in his naugahyde man-chair and took about a 1-ft length of magic rope and shredded it in a pile on the floor in front of his chair.

This was to accomplish 3 things: ruin something dear to him, make sure he would notice it the next day, and vent my frustration so I could go to sleep myself.

The LAGNIAPPE was that he went to the kitchen during the night, saw the mess of shredded rope in front of his chair, and then his mind went to wondering…

When he told me all of this the next morning, I told him he put himself thru more misery than I would have ever dreamed up…

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