15 07 2008

I went and saw the movie Wanted tonight with C.  I love it, and I might go see it again.  Plot holes be damned (and there were more than a few).  I just like watching shit get blown up, and good car chases, and curving bullets.  I was more than pleased.  AND Morgan Freeman curses.  That made my year, I think.




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16 07 2008

Hey! I thought we were planning to see it this weekend!

16 07 2008
the violent gina

curses! how can you like that vile piece of pig intestine?!?!?! I have to keep reminding myself that you aren’t a comic book nerd. AHH!!!! NOOOO!!!! why do you like that movie?!?!?!?! It had little to do with the comic it stole its name from. Wanted is a super villain comic and there were no super villains in the movie, or the heros that they vanquished. …and rant done. sorry… i will resume normal Gina status.

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