Like the apocalypse is coming

16 07 2008

No, I’m not stocking up on gas or canned goods or anything sensible like that.  I am stocking up on Loreal Color Pulse.

Let me explain.  This is the best product ever for those of us who still dye our hair at home (don’t judge me, Lisa).  It is ammonia-free and makes your hair all super shiny.  It comes in great colors.  It isn’t permanent.  It can go over regular hair dye.  It is amazing.

And it has pretty much been discontinued.  This makes me cry all day.  So M and I are stockpiling because people are selling it on ebay and amazon and stuff.  I bought 4 boxes each of lively auburn and funky cherry.  M just purchased 7 of the red pulse.  I will probably buy another 7 of red pulse this very afternoon.

Obsession?  Perhaps.  But my hair looks better than yours.  And I plan on keeping it that way.




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