Saturday in Texas

19 07 2008

C and I have been having a great day.  Drove out and had good Mexican food for lunch, drove around and looked at pretty houses, stopped for a snowball.  Then we went and picked up my car from M’s house because, um, I left it there last night when I asked C to pick me up.  I BARELY drank, I swear.  What happened was I felt a headache coming on and fumbled in my purse because I always seem to have a baggie full of aspirin or ibuprofen.  So I took two.  And a little later felt odd.  When C arrived, she asked to look at what I took and apparently I took two muscle relaxers.  Oops.  But my back totally stopped hurting and I slept really well so . . . ok.

Anyway, when we got home I ran upstairs and then heard C yelling.  Apparently she thought she had a rock in her sandal and took off her shoe to get it out.  A gecko ran out of her shoe.  No rock, just a baby gecko.  And she eventually caught it before the cats could and threw it outside but now she’s still kind of freaking out because she swears she can still feel the gecko crawling on her foot.  And I am highly amused.




3 responses

19 07 2008

a gecko running out of my shoe would make me “accidentally” take muscle relaxers and drink, i think. eeewww! good for her, that she caught it. i’d still be screaming and freaking out…at least until everything kicked in. 😉

20 07 2008

I think the gecko hitched a ride out in C’s shoe cos he saw what happened to the worm in the tequila bottle…

Good thing no gecko’s ever tried that with me, cos of, you know, my thing with shoes and pest control and all.

21 07 2008

Wild times in big ole Texas! 🙂

(ps–how do I get a password?)

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