Dinner parties

23 07 2008

I keep having ideas for dinner party themes and, I think M will back me up on this, they’re great.  Maybe a bit unusual, but great.

First, I want to have a white trash dinner party.  The main course will probably be a casserole that features cream of something condensed soup.  Odds are tuna will also be prominently featured, and maybe some potato chips as a topping.  Something else will be floated in jello.  Sweet tea will abound.  For dessert I will actually make white trash (Golden Grahams cereal and peanuts coated in white chocolate).  I need more ideas, though.

Also, I want to make a fairly southern meal.  Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT the same as the white trash dinner.  Just so you know.  So far the menu includes smothered pork chops, collard greens with hamhock, okra and tomatoes, cornbread, and sweet potato pie.  That feels pretty damn southern to me.  Oh, and there will also be white rice to pour the gravy on.

I really want to make gyoza dumplings, which almost requires that I have a party since it’s not even possible to make less than 50 at a time.  A classmate showed me how to make them and I’ve been itching to try it.  But C won’t eat them so I need to have people over.

In fact, C won’t eat much at the southern dinner either.  God, she’s picky.

Also, I wish lump crabmeat wasn’t so expensive because I’ve really been wanting to try seafood cannelloni (crab and cheese inside crepes with a bechemel sauce over the whole thing).  But it is.  And even if I COULD get good crabs here, I hate picking crabs more than anything.

If anyone has any ideas about stuff I should cook, or dinner party themes, or anything at all, please comment.  I’m in a culinary rut or something and I’m getting really bored.




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23 07 2008

Awesome! I may steal your ideas. For the white trash dinner, doritos (sp?) are also an extremely white trash topping idea. Don’t forget the natty light (though, god forbid, anyone drink it!). Oh, and you can throw some canned veggies in the casserole to make it more…..something.

The southern meal sounds yummy as well. I wish I lived closer. I’d make you invite me! 🙂

For Sara’s b-day one year, we had a tea party. You know, finger sandwiches, tea, petit fours, other finger foods, everyone dressed up and wore old fashioned hats. It was a blast!!! We were talking about doing it again soon.

Have fun!!!

23 07 2008

what’s more white trash than Hot Dogs & Beans Casserole?

Yes, my mom (your g’mother) fixed this almost every Friday nite of my growin’ up (cos it was payday for their construction firm and that meant preparing pay packets in exact cash which entailed going to the bank after doing the payroll, etc)

Put a jar of applesauce on the table, heat up a can of green beans, and call it supper when the daddy finally gets home!

23 07 2008

Your mom is totally right!!!! Go Mommy Connie!!!

25 07 2008

I call Hamburger Helper “White Trash Helper” and along with a sweet box of “Trailer Wine” oh yeah!!

25 07 2008
Smash then go Lightly

I was watching FoodTV and saw this guy making a pesto/basil paste and then cutting salmon bites and folding them up in Filo Pastry. It looked delicious!

It makes me want an appetizer party!

25 07 2008

Was that the Pillsbury cook-off? Cuz I totally saw that and it looked great!!!
Appetizer party is a brilliant idea, favorite appetizers potluck. Tell Karl I want more mini beef wellingtons. I will do something with meatballs or sausages in barbecue sauce in a crockpot (bordering on the white trash party).

27 07 2008
Sensitive Man

White Trash Snack
Serves: 10
Prep. Time: 0:20

1 cup Cheerios
1 cup corn OR rice Crispex
1 cup pretzel sticks
1 cup peanuts OR cashews
12 oz. bag vanilla baking chips / white chocolate chips
1 Tbls. vegetable oil OR peanut oil

-Combine cereal, pretzels, and nuts in bowl; set aside.
-Melt vanilla chips in the microwave or in the top of a heated double boiler.
-Stir oil into melted vanilla chips.
-Pour vanilla mixture over dry mixture and stir to coat.
-Press onto waxed paper and allow to cool overnight.
-Break up into pieces before serving.

Modifications you can do:
#substitute peanut butter in place of the oil.
#use white chocolate and milk chocolate
#use peanut butter captain crunch instead of the cheerios
#add Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Life
#add a few M&M’s to the mixture

Some more items to include:
Disa’s Flying Saucers
spam fondue, bologna cake, bologna roll-ups, hot dogs,
white bread, potato salad, tater tot casserole,
mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried pork steaks,
chips, buns, pickles, pickle relish, devilled eggs, baked beans,
generic soda and beer, keg of beer, jugs of ice tea and koolaid,
cake, pie, ice cream, cupcakes with frosting
plain white napkins or paper towels, plastic utensils or Salvation Army cutlery

BUT, if you want other themes, and great recipes, there are a bunch of cooking shows, some have easy to make recipes:
Rachel Ray
Simply Ming
America’s Test Kitchen
Lidia’s Italy
Chef Paul Prudhomme
Mexico One Plate at a Time- Rick Bayless
Made in Spain
Ciao Italia
Barbecue U w/ Steven Raichlen
Baking with Julia
New Jewish Cuisine
Primal Grill w/ Steven Raichlen
New Scandinavian Cooking w/ Andreas Viestad
Taste of the Midwest w/ Dan Kaercher
Best Recipes in the World w/ Mark Bittman (New York Times)
Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie
Caprial and John’s Kitchen: Cooking for Family & Friends
Everyday Food
Christina Cooks
Delicious TV – Totally Vegetarian

27 07 2008
GiGi Smashly

It was on the Pillsbury Cookoff!!! I loved that so much! I thought it looked really yummy. So, I missed the end, who won that thing?

I think an appetizer potlatch is in order. 😛




30 07 2008

I would SO COME to your dinner parties!!!! How fun!

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