Another great Saturday

27 07 2008

Yesterday was just great.  I woke up and met M for the early showing of Wanted.  Yes, I had already seen it, but Molly hadn’t and I wanted to see it again.  Besides, I had agreed to let her take me to a movie in exchange for my patented airport service.

After the movie, we took a quick trip to Half Price books where I bought two Madeline L’Engle books (I have been super nostalgic lately) and some other stuff.

Then we stopped at Sonic for some cheap, sweet, frozen coffee and ice cream.  Drinks in hand, we started driving around all the back roads in NW Austin we could think of, including going out toward Hippie Hollow.

That prompted us to take a trip downtown to Whole Foods because I needed some more N.O. Brew.  As we enter the store, M suggests that we get ingredients for mojitos.  This, naturally, seems like the best idea ever.  So we buy ingredients for regular mojitos and pineapple/Thai basil mojitos.  We call G and K and tell them we’re going back to my place and they are invited.

As we approach my apartment, I realize that I have no clue if I still own any rum.  Or a cocktail shaker, for that matter.  So we stop at the liquor store where they sell both.  Upon leaving THAT store, we wonder if we bought enough limes and I realize I probably don’t have any ice.  The poor planning just keeps on happening.  So we stop at HEB to pick up more limes and a bag of ice.  Also, I buy some fresh pineapple just because.  We finally make it to my place and M starts making mint-flavored simple syrup.  G and K show up and we all contribute to a highly inappropriate conversation on my porch.

People are hungry.  G and K go home to cook while M and I run out to dinner at Kim Phung, a Vietnamese restaurant with amazing food and we split the biggest bowl of bun (noodle salad) ever with egg rolls and grilled pork on top.  Also, we each get a spring roll with roast duck inside.  The entire bill, to feed both of us is $14, no lie.  I am impressed all over again.

Then M leaves to go home, I head over to her house, and G, K, and their friend, B join us.  More conversation and listening to odd music and I finally had to head home because I was just so exhausted.

And THAT is what makes a great Saturday.




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30 07 2008

Agreed! Ahhhh.

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