It’s the little things

28 07 2008

This is stupid.  Do I care?  Not a whit, I will watch it several times over and even get the stupid little song stuck in my head.




4 responses

28 07 2008

It’s like a bad car wreck. You just have to keep looking. But I do have to say, the end is the best. Laughed and scared the cat! Where do you find this shit? (It’s rhetorical…I know you found it on You Tube.)

28 07 2008

I saw it posted on Pajiba and just HAD to share it with all of youl

28 07 2008

you are mastering the fine art of time suckage and swooping us along with you, my-my-my-my Sharona

29 07 2008

I learned from the best, sensei.

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