Don’t know where she puts it

3 08 2008

While C is working graveyard shift, I get to see firsthand how hungry she is when she wakes up.  My god, it’s kind of amazing.  She has prepared and is currently sitting in the living room eating the following:

a bowl of cereal
a bowl of oatmeal
fresh pineapple
2 pieces of cheese toast
2 pieces of cinnamon toast
a glass of orange juice

When she’s done with all that, she’ll still be hungry and might make some eggs.  This is amazing to me for a few reasons.

1) No matter what time I wake up, I can’t eat for at least an hour or two without feeling sick
2) I could never eat that much food in one sitting
3) She is so freaking skinny

I was going to cook something for myself this evening but realized that she would be downstairs shortly.  I wisely exited the kitchen for fear of being run over or glared at.  You don’t mess with C when she’s hungry and recently awoken.  I might venture in there while she’s distracted by eating and see if she’s left any bread.  I kind of doubt it, though.




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