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6 08 2008

I know I link to them all the time, but this is a really great comment diversion on Pajiba.  Emergency Room Visits. Check out the story about the woman and the duck.

My last visit, incidentally, was C’s fault.  And also H’s fault.  It was 2005, H had just bought her house and we were all living together.  C bought me a cappuccino maker for Valentine’s day.  They call me into the kitchen because they say they can’t get the lid off of the water reservoir on the top.  So I’m twisting, and twisting . . . they neglected to tell me that they had recently used the machine.  Because apparently the lid didn’t want to come off for a reason.  Nevertheless, I thought it was just being stubborn and forced it off.  A giant jet of steam shoots out, whizzing past my face and searing up the inside of my left forearm.  The lid flew off and slammed into my hand, breaking my ring and bruising the living hell outta my fingers.

You know how you have to submerge a burn in cool water for a time to lower the temperature and stop “cooking” yourself?  That took 15 hours.  I did go to the ER, was told that it was a 2nd degree steam burn that was actually more burned under the surface than on top.  I didn’t stay for treatment since they were taking absolutely forever.  I do remember that I threw up a few times.  Burns suck.




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8 08 2008

Ouch! The last burn I had was on a motorcycle. Your’s sounds far worse. Yes, totally not your fault.

10 08 2008

How do you find this shit? Awesome!

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