The smell

14 08 2008

So I got home and the entire kitchen reeked of bleach.

Me: Did you clean something?
C: What?
Me: It smells like bleach, what did you do?
C: Nothing.
Me: You didn’t clean something? Are you doing a load of weird laundry?
C: I don’t even know what you’re talking about!
Me: You don’t smell that?
C: No.
Me: Are you freaking kidding me?
C: You’re insane.  Shut up and sit down.
(a little later)
Me: Did you clean the bathroom?
C: Oh my god.  I haven’t cleaned anything, I swear.  I got home, ate food, and I’ve been sitting here being really lazy.  No cleaning.  I can’t believe I am defending myself against NOT cleaning.
Me: Good point.

FINALLY, like an hour later, she smells it.  There is also massive thumping and craziness going on next door.  I think the neighbors are moving out?  Maybe?  Which in one way, yippee!  And in another, oh damn.  Who’s going to move in?  Rather the hell you know than the one you don’t.  Very apt in this situation.




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