More party quotes

18 08 2008

Saturday night C and I went to M’s place for drinking and conversation.  G and K joined us and much fun was had by all.  Due to alcohol, more alcohol and other things, the conversation got progressively weirder.  Here are some of the highlights:

Me: This is gonna sound weird, but I want you know that I mean it in the best way possible and I’m only looking out for your interests.  Now, do you want to lick some cream out of my half-eaten eclair?

G: (after a bizarre game of “I Never”) What should we play next?
K: How about we play “sitting around and talking?”

Me: I know this is taking me forever to drink.  I thought about just shooting the absinthe.  I think it would make me throw up, though.
M: Any time “throw up” is an option, choose otherwise.

M: (in a British accent) Oh dear.  It’s a billy goat!

K: (talking about the first batch of eclairs that he made) Well, my piping bag was too small and the cream didn’t go in correctly.  There were lots of air bubbles.
G: Yeah, I tried one and got pastry splooge all over my face.

C: (after watching me drink for an “I Never” statement) What?!?  Are you kidding me?  You never told me that!
Me: I’m fairly certain I did.  I’m also fairly certain I told you when you had been drinking.  Drink more so you can forget again.

So I got to try absinthe, it is horrid.  But a long conversation with H has prompted me to try it with more sugar cubes and possibly light one of those on fire.  So I’ll try that.




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