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21 08 2008

Last night was yet another brilliant dinner with M. I had recently sent her a slew of recipes from my copies of Everyday Food and was rewarded by being invited to dinner.

Check it out: Sage and Pancetta Encrusted Pork Loin served alongside Salad with Roasted Vegetables and Goat Cheese.

It was awesome and kind of mind-blowing. We tweaked the recipes a bit, making a lemon vinaigrette instead of balsamic and agreeing that the pork needed to be salted underneath the sage. All in all, though, it was a stupendous meal. There are some pictures below, courtesy of M. She takes much better pictures than I do.

Which brings me to my next point. We were vaguely kicking around the idea of starting a new collaborative cooking blog. We love to cook, always talk about cooking, and like to cook new things. Also, M is always taking pictures of food anyway. This is my question: Any ideas for names? Something catchy like Two Fat Ladies—which might have worked except 1) it’s taken already 2) M isn’t fat and 3) I’m no lady. Maybe Fancy Cookin’ on a Budget! or Stop Eating Out and Make This Instead! Anyway, if you have a suggestion, send it my way via the comments page. If we use your suggestion, well, there’s no prize I guess. Just the knowledge that you are cool.

Prepped pork loin, ready to cook

Prepped pork loin, ready to cook

Pork and Salad pretty on a plate

Pork and Salad pretty on a plate




5 responses

21 08 2008

The Inhouse Gourmand(s)

Eating Gourmet At Home

Eating Out at Home

You Can Cook This!

22 08 2008

I just wish the pork had tasted as impressive as it sounded and looked. The crispy, sagey pancetta was proof of God, though.

The Half-Assed Gourmands
Make it Your Damn Self*
Better Than Ramen
Armed with Zesters

*Or, if we want to type it patois, I guess it would be “make it _yo_ DAMN self”

22 08 2008

The pork was fine, it just needed salt. And it was a floppy chunk of heaven any time the lemon vinaigrette or the goat cheese came near it. Should have made a reduction from the pan sauce, I say.

22 08 2008
Mrs. Humphrey

Fucking beautiful!!!

23 08 2008

Nyom nyom nyom. Hungry!!

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