Dammit, Gustav

31 08 2008

Talking to my mother yesterday:

Me: What about if a tornado hits, do you know where in the house to go?
Mom: Probably in the closet.  Where do you think is the best place to be if one hits?
Me: Florida!

My parents are staying for Gustav.  I am massively worried.  I don’t like being on this side of things.  Not that it isn’t a luxury to have moved away from a hurricane area, but when you left everyone you love there . . . this is worse.  This powerlessness, this unending worry and helplessness.

I don’t like the fact that they’re staying.  I have made this point time and again in the last 2 days but I’m just their kid, what do I know?  I don’t like the fact that this time they’re on a different side of the storm than in Katrina.  This time they will be on the north and east sides where the worst weather is, the tornadoes and everything else.  And I am worried to no end.  I would be happier if I were home and dealing with this directly.  Instead, I’m in Austin, doing nothing.  This sucks.




One response

31 08 2008

Apparently, all of the parents have decided to lose their minds and stay. I have friends here in the BR who are from Slidell, and all of our parents are staying. My dad’s reason? The Bellsouth building in Olde Towne will have a.c. Yep. They’ve all lost it.

Thinking of you. Thanks for blogging.

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