New semester

3 09 2008

It has started. And so far it’s going smashingly. Three classes, though one doesn’t count. It’s the first part of the thesis block and basically just gives you time to do research. The other two are going really well. The first is Tools for Linguistic Description which gives us practice in extracting the relevant data from a large sample. The second is falling under the English in Texas project. The point of the class is that we produce a 5-10 minute documentary about, you guessed in, English in Texas. The class has been divided into film crews and we’re trying to figure out a focus.

Tonight we had our first film tutorial on equipment and it was intense. The only, ONLY drawback to this class is how late it goes. Every Wednesday night, 6-9. With the shuttles running the way they are, I didn’t even get to where I was parked until 9:50, and didn’t get home until 10:15. So it was a loooong night and I was starving by the time I rolled in.

But I’m still having fun.




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