Been a while

19 09 2008

Updates . . . where should I start?

I’m going to church on Sunday.  Don’t get excited, it’s for a project.  My crew will be taping two Episcopal services on Sunday, the 9 am and the 5 pm.  My classes are going well, in general, but my GOD there is a lot of work.  No matter, I’m having a good time.

My Hughes research for the conference is going well.  I downloaded a music notation program and put two of the four poems to a beat so that I could compare the rhythmic timing of the syllables.  So far, my theory is working out.

I just got home from seeing Burn After Reading, the new Coen Brothers film.  I thought it was great, though it bears a second viewing.  I want to put all the pieces together again without being surprised during the film.  Great ending, very meta (yeah, I’m THAT person).

The other blog hasn’t been updated in a little bit and I know that it’s partly due to my own lack of cooking lately.  Bum ankles make it hard to go grocery shopping and C is too busy to go.  That last bit isn’t even snarky—she’s always at work or in class or studying at home at a breakneck pace.  So the stress level is high here, but at least we’re being productive in one area.

I’m sure I have a funny story in my head somewhere, but I’m too damn tired to type it.




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