11 10 2008

My Hughes research is going really well.  I’ve taken three poems and set them to rhythm using a music notation program.  This gives me a much better visual of the timing differences in syllables.  After that, extensive lists were made of EVERY SYLLABLE IN EACH POEM (seriously) and categorized according to timing (half, quarter, eighth notes) and syllable structure (open, closed, complex/simple onset and coda).  And then I started looking for patterns.  Thank God, I found some.

Really, this is interesting to no one else.  But I will be presenting on November 7 in San Antonio.  Scary!   I’m actually very nervous about it.

However, and this is the good part.  While meeting with my advisor/professor, M, she suggested that I extend my Hughes work a little and use it for my Master’s thesis.  This hadn’t even occurred to me!  It’s a great idea.  First, I’ve already done so much work on this.  Second, I won’t have to travel to do research.  Third, I still don’t have a solid idea for the sociolinguistic work around Hurricane Katrina.  Fourth, and the best reason of all, I won’t have to make a research proposal for IRB.  I hate IRB.  I hate research proposals.  I can’t believe the one for our film project is so complicated and convoluted and taking so long.

I’ve been working non-stop on this research, from 7:30 yesterday morning to 3:00 this morning.  I took breaks to eat and I watched most of Ghostbusters because I thought my brain might explode.  But I love it!  If I have to work this hard on something, at least I find it enjoyable.




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11 10 2008

you didn’t mention which three poems… you should totally do seuss, you know, as in dr. seuss. haha green eggs and ham would rock or maybe wocket in my pocket.

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