Don’t throw your flip-flop at me

28 10 2008

I’m going to rant here.  Which seems like a silly announcement because it’s a blog and that’s what it’s for but, hey, I can make completely pointless and redundant proclamations if I feel like it.

Anyway.  This is about children.  Actually, no, this is about parents.  And their children.

Let me start at the beginning.  C and I went to dinner a couple of nights ago at a Mexican restaurant.  The weather has been spectacular lately, so we ate on the patio of said restaurant.  We were having a grand time and were soon the only patrons on the patio (not because of anything we DID, geez, just timing).  Suddenly, a group of women comes out onto the porch.  Each woman is followed by at least 3 children a piece.  Can you do the math on this one?  5 women, at least 3 children each.  That is at least 15 children.  Running rampant.  As if we were attending a picnic on a playground.

What are the mothers doing?  Drinking margaritas, naturally.  And the children?  Well, they are performing the following activities:
1) turning chairs over
2) quite literally attempting to climb walls
3) putting straws in their shoes
4) screaming
5) taking off their wee little flip flops and heaving them in random directions, including in the path of the waitress and quite near to my table

The mothers continue to drink their margaritas.  Also!  I watched two of the mothers hand the waitress some Tupperware containers and request that they be microwaved so some of the toddlers could eat.  Seriously.  They brought their own food.  And it wasn’t even baby food.

We requested the check and then, because we couldn’t take it any longer, went inside to pay.  I had to ask a bevy of girls to please move their little recital practice so that I could make it to the door.  C felt so bad for their waitress, she was tempted to give her some money (as an ex-waitress, C knows that these people won’t tip that poor girl nearly enough to compensate for her annoyance and pain).

Now, I don’t think all children are evil.  Take B’s kids–they’re great.  But I also guarantee that the minute B’s kids act up in public, she either stops it immediately or removes them from the situation.  So the overriding question is: Who in the hell decides to go out drinking with all their kids?  Who does this?!?!?




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29 10 2008

Who does this you ask…. Those are most likely women who have husbands that work hard all day so that the wife can lounge around and get drunk all day while blowing $$ buying crap. Meanwhile; the husband it probably pissed at his lazy drunk wife blowing all his hard earned $$ and so he is most likely to have an affair with the secretary. I have seen this type of species in Mandeville; I like to call them “Scotch Drinking Wives” LOL. I would not go out to eat with my kids and let them act like heathens.

29 10 2008

My mother would have spanked me with said flip flop if I had done that in public, which explains why I never did.

30 10 2008

Who takes their kids to a restaurant to drink? Isn’t that what “play groups” are for? That’s what I’ve heard anyway.

I’ve been in one of those groups before where the kids FAR outnumber the adults, and knock on wood, we actually got complimented on their good behavior. They must have caught us on a good day, or it could have been the “come to Jesus” meeting we had in the parking lot before we entered that place. Throwing a shoe? If my kids did that, I’d probably make them eat it for dinner.

15 11 2008

And this is why I don’t like eating out these days. Because I don’t want to be that parent! When Sun gets fussy, I take her ass outside (not to the patio where patrons are eating, mind you). Some parent-friends of mine tell me that’s what Sun WANTS and it’s better to let her fuss at the table. NO IT IS NOT! If I need to work on disciplining my daughter so that she has good restaurant manners, I need to do that at HOME. Or at McDonald’s.

So from the other side, I can tell you, you are RIGHT to be annoyed. Call management over and complain when it happens. Damn selfish moms make us all look bad!

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