Halloween preparation

30 10 2008

Oh yeah, we’re getting ready.  First off, we have very kindly been invited to a party hosted by S, so this year we actually have somewhere to go.  And this is not the kind of party you show up to sans costume.  I mean, they dig fresh graves in their yard every year I’ve been told.  That kind of necessitates some effort on our part as well.

I am going as a Bloody Mary.  Not the ghost, the drink.  I’m wearing a red shirt, dying my hair red(der), and painting my nails red.  With bloody makeup.  And a nametag that reads “Mary.”  AND and and, a piece of celery.  Not a real piece of celery, oh no.  C made me a big ole celery stalk out of cardboard and paper and even meticulously cut out leaves and attached them.  The stalk curves the way celery does.  The leaves are awesome.  I colored, because that is my only artistic skill.  C totally rocks because how many people would sit there for an evening constructing an oversized piece of vegetable?

She is going as a zombie.  As she was going through her clothes looking for the ratty ones and ones she doesn’t mind getting dirty, she picked up a belt.

Me: You need a belt?
C: Yeah, definitely.
Me: Why not just use a piece of rope?
C: They’re not hillbillies, just dead!!!




2 responses

31 10 2008

hillbillies… bwahahahahaha. they would be here. 😉

31 10 2008

Does C intend to get dirty? Do more graves need to be dug? Or is she preparing to possibly fall in one on the way out cos she didn’t win (ie, LOST) at “I’ve Never”???

If so, maybe she needs to wear an extra long belt so some curiously dressed veggie can help hoist her out!!!

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