The conference

7 11 2008

Last night I headed out to San Antonio for the SCMLA conference.  I was scheduled to present this morning and didn’t want to have to wake up early AND drive the 1 1/2 hours to get there.  Seemed worth the expense of a hotel room, most definitely.

I don’t mind saying that the prospect of presenting terrified me.  I’ve mentioned it before on here, but speaking in public just isn’t my thing.  So I’ve been nervous and stressed and exhausted.  I’ve been enjoying the work, though.  I ended up presenting “A Linguistic Approach to the Musical Poetry of Langston Hughes” which combines phonological analysis with music theory to analyze the rhythm/meter of spoken verse.

And it went really well!  I got lots of great feedback, helpful comments, and compliments.  It was a low-key, low pressure situation.  Not too many people (I think there were about 13 audience members), a small room, very intimate.  What a great way to start out.  One guy, during my question and answer period, said that he was a Lit professor and his class was currently going over different stuff by Walt Whitman.  He went on to say how much he liked my “musical notation” method and that it might be a good way to look at some of Whitman’s works as well.  Nice to hear!

So I’m just thrilled.  Also, when I got back home today, all the sleep deprivation seemed to catch up with me, and I had a fitful, on/off nap for 2 hours.

Tomorrow it’s more filming for the TX English project, and then, on Sunday, I’m not going to do anything.  Not one single thing.  I swear I’ll get back to work on Monday, I just need a full day off to do things like cook (or not), sleep, watch stupid movies, do laundry (or not).

I’m just so happy that people seemed to like my ideas.  I feel even better now about using this for my Master’s thesis.  What a relief!!




One response

7 11 2008

I’m so proud of you, I knew you’d do a great job!

Love, Mom

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