17 11 2008

C got her car towed to the dealership today.  She was driving home Saturday night and it kept dying every time she came to a stop.  I drove her to and from work yesterday, and today she was getting her car looked at because it’s still under warranty.

And then.  The guy just called to tell her what’s wrong with the car.  At first I just see C’s face, it is shocked.  Then she says “Are you **** kidding me??”

Because the problem with her car is that rats were nesting in her air filter.


Oddly enough, that kind of thing isn’t covered by the warranty.  So now she’s on the phone with her insurance company to see if THEY will cover it.

More oddly enough, the guy on the phone said that was the second case he’d seen TODAY of that happening.

Update: It’s covered by her insurance.  And I want to know did the rats come from our apartment complex or her work parking lot?  Because ewwwwww either way.

Further update: The repair estimate is $1500 because there were SEVERAL nests throughout her air system.  Awesome.  I am more than a little worried about my car now because there is actually a giant gaping hole where I had to cut away part of the wheel well after it fell out and haven’t been able to get it fixed.




2 responses

17 11 2008

Holy shit! How do you prevent this from happening? Put rat poison in the car somewhere? But then wouldn’t it harm the human occupants in the car. Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!111

23 11 2008

holy freakin’ cow! you gotta be kidding me! aaack! rat nests?!?!?!?!?!?! as in plural? eeeeek! as for the “giant gaping hole” in your car? duct tape… better than rats sista.

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